MythBusters: I heard that special preference is given to current/previous U of T students who apply to Medicine at U of T?

This myth is FALSE.

There is no preference given to current/previous U of T students in terms of our admissions process. In fact all schools are viewed equally. The specific school that you are attending or have previously attended does not factor into your admission decision. But of course the GPA from your undergraduate program of study will!


Our Interview Format – The MPI

As many of you likely know, last year we introduced a new interview format – the Modified Personal Interview (MPI). We will be following this same format for this year’s interviews.

Wondering what the MPI format is all about?

The MPI consists of four brief, consecutive interviews. Each interview will be led by a single interviewer – this allows for one-on-one interaction. There will be short pauses in between each interview, and the total time of the interview cycle will be approximately one hour.

The goal of the MPI is to get to know more about each applicant, and to assess whether or not the applicant possesses the competencies necessary to be successful in U of T’s medical school.

The MPI format also enhances your ability to get to know more about U of T’s medical school. At the end of each interview you will have a chance to ask your interviewer questions – about the program, the university, the city, the profession – whatever is on your mind. Interviewers are closely connected to U of T’s medical community and they are always happy to share their insights.

Just like always, current U of T medical students will be on-site throughout the interview days. They will share information about the program and the community, lead tours of our two campuses, and answer any questions you have about student life in U of T Medicine.

If you are invited to an interview this year, be sure to take advantage of these resources. After all, this is your chance to learn more about us, while we learn more about you!

Best of luck to all who receive interview invitations this year.

Interview “Quick Facts” for 2015

Attention current applicants! As you likely are already well-aware, we have begun to send out interview invitations for our 2015 admissions interviews.  This year, interviews will take place on the following dates:

  • Saturday, February 21
  • Sunday, February 22
  • Saturday, March 7
  • Sunday, March 8
  • Saturday, April 18

We understand that there are lots of questions about interview weekends: when you might expect to receive an invite, is there any ranking attached to the invite order, what to expect on interview day, and so on.  In this blog post we are going to address some of the most common interview related questions we have been receiving in our office.

1. When will interview invitations go out?

Interview invitations are typically sent out at least two weeks prior to the interview date to allow time for applicants to make appropriate travel arrangements. However, invitations may continue to go out during the week leading up to the interview date in order to ensure all interview spaces are filled. That’s what we can tell you – we cannot give specific dates beyond this estimate as our invites go out on a rolling basis.

2. Is it true that local students are typically invited to the first interview weekend, with out-of-province students invited to the second or third interview weekend?

As we state on our website, with the exception of applicants to the MD/PhD program, applicants with substantial travel distances to Toronto will be invited to attend an interview date that is later in the cycle. However, this is not true for every case. Again, we arrange interview invites on a rolling basis, so there is definitely some flexibility to this statement. Oh, and if you’re a local student, this doesn’t mean that the February interview weekend is the only option – we do invite local and Ontario students to the later interview weekends as well.

3. Are interview invitations sent out according to rank? Are students who are invited to the February interview weekend the highest ranked applicants?

No. The assignment of interview dates does not reflect any ranking in our admissions process. Interview dates are assigned at random as file reviews are completed. We know that students like to speculate about this – but trust us – these assignments do not correspond with a ranking.

4. Since interviews are sent out on a rolling basis at random, does this mean if I applied earlier via OMSAS my file would be reviewed earlier?

No. There is no advantage to applying early (other than your personal stress-level – it does feel good to get things in before the deadline, doesn’t it?) – so long as all materials are submitted by the OMSAS deadline, your file will be reviewed.

5. How are invitations sent? How can I be sure that I didn’t receive an invitation? I’m worried about it going to my spam folder.

Interview invitations will be sent by email to the address that you have provided on your OMSAS application. Should you need to update your email address, you should do so through OMSAS as soon as possible. Updates cannot be made through the Admissions Office. Make sure to check your spam folders just in case, as we have had issues with certain email servers categorizing our emails as spam. Try not to worry about this too much though – if we send you an invitation and do not hear back from you by the deadline stated in the email, we will follow up by phone, email, etc. If we have invited you for an interview we really do want you to attend, so we will do our best to reach you!

6. I received an invitation and I responded through the form provided, how do I know my response was received? What if I have a conflict with another medical school admissions interview?

When you respond to an interview invitation using the survey form provided, you will receive a confirmation message as soon as you hit “submit” (this will appear on the website where you submit – you will not get an “submission received” email). If your survey did not submit properly – don’t worry – we will contact you to follow up. Should you have a conflict with another medical school admissions interview (or for another extenuating reason) you can indicate this on the response form. We will follow up with you after the response deadline and will do our best to make alternate arrangements for any such conflicts.

7. How do I know what to expect on interview day? Where is the interview held? When should I arrive? What do I need to bring?

Your first step is to note the information included in your interview invitation email. Furthermore, for all those who confirm their attendance, we will send an additional confirmation email with more details (including your AM or PM interview time) and reminders about the interview day. Please read this; it will include everything you need to prepare for a successful interview day. Oh, and check out the links too – if we have included a link in the email, we want you to look at it, so please do.


Finally – make sure you check the Interview page on our website, and carefully read through all email communications. If you have additional questions that we haven’t covered, feel free to comment on this blog post or contact our office directly.

The Admissions Blog is Back!

Hello again!

After a long hiatus, we are excited to announce that the U of T Medicine Admissions Blog is back. For those of you who are new to this blog, welcome. For those who visited in past years – welcome back. We hope that you will find it useful as a prospective student or current applicant to U of T’s MD program. The goal of this blog is to provide a more detailed breakdown of the application process, highlighting where we are in the admissions cycle, answering common questions, debunking myths and so on. We know that applying to Medicine can be a complex (and sometimes overwhelming) experience, but we are here to help. Really, we are.

We also plan to use this space to share stories. We want to show you what U of T Medicine is all about. From time to time we will profile our student clubs, activities and student life in general. We will also invite current medical students to write guest posts – offering up their insight on what it’s really like to be a U of T MD student.

Since this blog is used to communicate new and updated information in a timely fashion throughout each admissions cycle, please be aware that the information contained in older blog posts may be out of date. You will note that we have archived blog posts from as far back as 2012. We have left these posts up as you may still find that they are useful to review.  However, for accurate and up-to-date information on our admissions requirements, the application process and our admission policies, please always refer to our official website:

We welcome your questions and your feedback – so please feel free to interact with us on this space using the comments section available for each post. We will make every effort to respond to comments within two business days (if not faster) – so let’s get talking…or should I say Blogging!

Interviews 2014

The interview process at U of T has undergone revisions for admission 2014. 
Applicants will no longer be interviewed by a member of Faculty and a medical student. 
The new process will involve 4 independent interviews.  Details on the
process will be provided to all candidates invited to an interview.