Admissions Video 2015

Our last interview weekend has come to a close. It was great meeting so many excited applicants this year; we truly hope that you enjoyed your interview day experience!

Now we certainly couldn’t have done it without all of our fantastic medical student volunteers. You guys made the interview weekends fun and memorable – thank you for all of your hard work.

We are now excited to share the 2015 U of T Medicine Admissions Video with all of you. If you attended one of the interview weekends and want to refresh your memory, be sure to watch it again. For those of you who are looking to apply to U of T Medicine in future years, here is a little glimpse into the lives of our fantastic (and very talented!) medical students.



April has arrived

April is here and we have a few more updates on this year’s admissions cycle to share with you.

With the final interview date of April 18th just over a week away, we can officially say that all interview spots are now full. Unless we have any interview cancellations between now and April 18th, we will not be sending out any additional invites.

The majority of our decisions have now been released, but as indicated in the last blog update, we will hold off on a few decisions until just before the final interview date.

Congratulations to all of those who received an interview invitation this year.

To those who did not, we would like to wish you good luck in your future endeavors. If studying Medicine is your passion, remember, it is not uncommon to apply more than once before being successful. While we cannot offer individualized feedback on applications, we do suggest that you view the information posted on our website here to consider why your application may have been unsuccessful this year.

And as always, if you have additional questions please get in touch with our office. We are here to help.

Admissions Cycle Update

Admissions Update

Now that our final interview date is fast approaching, we have been getting a number of questions about when invitations will go out, and when students will receive a final decision.


Here is a quick update.


We can now confirm that interview invitations for the final interview date on April 18th will start to go out this week. As usual these invitations will go out on a rolling basis and we anticipate that more invitations will continue to go out next week as well.

We will also be sending out refusal emails beginning later this week. Please note, every year we do hold off on releasing some of our decisions until the final interview date. This is to ensure that should there be any last minute interview cancellations we will be able to offer these spots to additional applicants.

We will be sure to update the blog once all invitation spots for the April date have been filled.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact the Admissions Office or send us a comment through the blog.

Future Careers in Healthcare Event – Save the Date!

Open House "Save the Date"

Interested in learning more about a career in Medicine? Trying to decide between the variety of healthcare disciplines that are available? This open house event is for you.

Save the date! On Saturday, June 6th, 2015 we will be holding our annual Future Careers in Healthcare Event – a student-led open house showcasing the wide variety of healthcare programs available at U of T. Connect with current students and admissions representatives to learn more about your programs of interest, how to apply, and what a career in that field might look like for you.

More information and event registration details coming soon. Check our website often for updates.

MythBusters: In U of T’s admissions process, preference is given to applicants from Ontario.

This myth is FALSE.

There is no quota, cap or limit to the number of students who can be admitted from out-of province or Ontario to fill our 259 spots. All applicants are viewed equally. International students (students who are not Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada) may also be considered for admission to our medical program. As well, Canadian students who are studying outside of Canada will be considered. Admission requirements are reflective of where you are studying and/or where you completed your studies – inside or outside of Canada. For more on this, see the Academic Requirements section of our website and select the link that corresponds with your academic background.

Have a question about this? Feel free to ask it via the comments section of this post.