We are Moving

The Admissions Office is excited to announce that we will be moving into our newly renovated office space, opening on Tuesday, May 26th!

We invite you to visit us in the brand new:

Enrolment Services Office, Undergraduate Medical Education

This new office will bring together the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Admissions and Student Financial Services and will create a central hub for prospective students, applicants, current students and graduating students.

You can find us just down the hall from our current office space, in the Medical Sciences Building, Room 2124. This office is located on the main floor of the building, right beside the eastern entrance off of Queen’s Park Crescent West.

Please note, the Admissions Office will be closed for this move on Monday, May 25th, but will reopen at 9:00am on Tuesday. During this closure, students who have urgent inquiries can visit the Office of the Registrar – Room 2256.

We look forward to seeing you in our new space. In the meantime, here are a few fun construction photos to showcase all of the hard work that has gone into the development of our new office.

Dr. Mark Hanson, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services working hard to get the space ready for our applicants and new students.

Dr. Mark Hanson, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services working hard to get the space ready for our applicants and new students.

Dr. Hanson and Jessie Metcalfe, Associate Registrar, Enrolment Management checking out the new space.

Dr. Hanson and Jessie Metcalfe, Associate Registrar, Enrolment Management checking out the new space.

M + J at desk

Dr. Hanson and Jessie going over the design plans. We are excited to show you the finished space!


Decision day has arrived

May12-Decision DaySo it’s finally here, May 12th – decision day!

We can confirm that we have now sent out all of our decisions – offers of admission, wait list notifications and refusal emails.

To those of you who received an offer, congratulations! An offer package has been sent to you in the mail today – this includes a copy of your official offer letter and the response and consent form. Please review the conditions of your offer and be sure to respond by the deadline indicated in your offer letter.

For more details on how to accept your offer, and everything else you need to know to prepare for your first year in U of T Medicine, visit the Information for New Students website. You will be receiving another email later today with more details on upcoming events and activities for new students, so be sure to check your inbox.

If you received wait list notification today, please note that we are unable to confirm your position on the list. We anticipate that additional offers will be sent out as responses are received, however, we cannot predict exactly when these will go out. We will keep you updated when more information is available.

If you did not receive an offer of admission this year, we would like to wish you good luck. As you know, Medicine is a highly competitive field and we are consistently faced with the dilemma of having more outstanding candidates than spaces in the program. If you decide to continue to peruse this path, we wish you all the best for next year!

May 12th is coming soon!

With May 12th just a few days away, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about what you can expect on decision day!

Should you receive an offer of admission, this offer will be sent to you via email. As well, the offer letter and an accompanying consent form will be sent to you by mail. This mailing package will be sent to the address you have listed on OMSAS as your preferred address for communication after May 1st. Please login to OMSAS to verify that this address is still correct. If there has been a change in your address you should update the information via OMSAS and you can also email the Admissions Office to let us know.

Pay close attention to any conditions listed in your offer letter, and be sure to follow the instructions and deadlines provided. More details on upcoming events and activities that will take place over the next few weeks will be emailed to you as well – you don’t want to miss this information, so remember to check your email account often!

Admitted students should also visit the Information for New Students webpage. This will be updated on May 12th and includes important information on dates and deadlines, registration requirements, and preparing for your first year at U of T Medicine.

As in previous years, there will be a small group of students who do not receive an offer of admission on May 12th, but who will be put on the waiting list. You will be informed by email if you are on the waiting list. Please note that we are unable to tell you what your position is on the waiting list, but will continue to update you on the status of the class as we fill all of our spots in the coming weeks.

Happy spring and best of luck to all of you!

Our GPA Weighting Formula and Credit/No Credit Courses

Due to recent strike action by U of T’s teaching assistants and the university’s decision to offer credit (CR)/no credit (NCR) course completion options to students who were affected by the strike, we want to highlight how a student’s decision to select the credit/no credit option may affect their GPA calculation.

Current undergraduate students enrolled at U of T should review the examples below on how a CR/NCR course is factored in the weighted GPA calculation for admission consideration for U of T’s MD program before opting-in or opting-out of the CR/NCR option.

CR NCR web explanation

Before opting-in or opting-out of the CR/NCR option, undergraduate students should consider the following:

  • Have you consulted your undergraduate student advisor(s)?
  • Are you designating courses with lowest grade(s) as your CR/NCR courses? If not, what is your reason?
  • Will opting into the CR/NCR option help you manage your academic standing (e.g. avoid academic probation)?
  • Have you checked the CR/NCR policy as it relates to admission for other programs you may be interested in, such as graduate studies, or medicine at another Canadian university?

Participate in the MD Admissions Townhall

Current students who wish to learn more about the impact of the CR/NCR option on their U of T medical school admissions are encouraged to attend the MD Admissions Townhall where this will be addressed further.

  • Date: Thursday, May 7
  • Time: 6-7 p.m. EST
  • Location MSB 3154 (+live webcast)
  • Facilitators: Dr. Mark Hanson, Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Finances and Ms Janet Hunter, Director of Enrolment Services and Faculty Registrar

If you are unable to join us on-site, please visit http://uoft.me/MDGPA to access the link for the live webcast. This link will be available 48 hours prior to the townhall.


Admissions Video 2015

Our last interview weekend has come to a close. It was great meeting so many excited applicants this year; we truly hope that you enjoyed your interview day experience!

Now we certainly couldn’t have done it without all of our fantastic medical student volunteers. You guys made the interview weekends fun and memorable – thank you for all of your hard work.

We are now excited to share the 2015 U of T Medicine Admissions Video with all of you. If you attended one of the interview weekends and want to refresh your memory, be sure to watch it again. For those of you who are looking to apply to U of T Medicine in future years, here is a little glimpse into the lives of our fantastic (and very talented!) medical students.