2015 Online Application Recap Session – Monday, July 6

Did you apply for U of T Medicine last year, but didn’t get in? Are you planning to apply for consideration for 2016?

Join us for an online information session reviewing the 2015 application cycle and learn more about how the admissions process works. We will share updated statistics and will provide a detailed discussion of the steps involved in the application review, interview selection and final decision making. We will also share important information to help you prepare for the 2016 application. The details are as follows:

2015 Online Application Recap Session

  • Monday, July 6, 2015
  • 6:00-6:45pm (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Visit http://streaming.med.utoronto.ca/68661 to watch the presentation live. The link will be active approximately 10 minutes before the presentation begins.
  • If you are unable to watch the online information session live, we will post the video on our website a few days following this session.

Do you have questions about the process that you are hoping we will cover during this session? Please leave your questions in the comments section of this blog post or email medicine.admiss@utoronto.ca. Note: We will not be taking questions live during the presentation – so please send these to us in advance.


End of June Admissions Update

We are nearing the end of June and wrapping up this year’s admissions cycle.

We can now confirm that our 2015 entering class (the class of 1T9) is now full.

While we will continue to maintain a short wait list, we do not anticipate releasing any new offers of admission unless we have additional changes to our entering class in the coming weeks (for instance, students cancelling their acceptances, or being granted a deferral of admission). We typically maintain the wait list until mid August should any last minute changes such as these occur.

For those of you who have received and confirmed your offer of admission to U of T Medicine already, please be sure to review the conditions of your offer and make the appropriate arrangements to send in final transcripts and proof of program/degree completion by the date indicated in your offer letter. For the majority of students, this date is June 30th, 2015. If you have any questions about this process, please get in touch with the UME Enrolment Services Office by phone or email. If we do not receive this information from you, a member of our team will contact you directly to follow up.

For those who are planning to apply for U of T Medicine for admission consideration for September 2016, the OMSAS application will be live in a couple of weeks. Be sure to check our website for updated application information (including the new Brief Personal Essay questions) – this will be posted as soon as the OMSAS application goes live.

Questions or comments? Use the comment section after this post or get in touch with the office directly.

All the best for a safe and happy summer ahead!

Student Views: “My Favourite thing about U of T is its Diversity”

Azza Eissa 1T7

Azza Eissa (1T7) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.


Guest Post by Azza Eissa, 1T7 (2nd year medical student).

My favourite thing about UofT is its diversity and the breadth of opportunities it offers. This is why I was so excited when I got accepted into medical school here after finishing grad school. I knew there would be a lot more to do at UofT. No matter what your interests are, you will find your niche at UofT. We are challenged to be the best we can be, but are totally supported to pursue our goals.

I have been involved in the UofT Women in Medicine and the Black Medical Students Association for the past two years, where I had a blast organizing events to give back to the community and met many amazing physician role models along the way. I also had the pleasure of co-organizing the UofT 2015 Annual Medical Students Research Day Conference and the Multiculturalism in Medicine Pre-clerkship Seminar Series this year. The nice thing about our medical school student body is that despite us being a busy group of people with varied interests, we always strive to remain engaged and connected.

Student Views: “259! …that’s a lot!”

Debi Banerjee 1T7 - photo credit P. Zhang

Debi Banerjee (1T7). Picture taken during my “Humans of 1T7” interview. Photo Credit: Paige Zhang (1T7 medical student)


Guest Post by Debi Banerjee, 1T7 (2nd year medical student).

“259!?” they proclaim, followed by “…that’s a lot!” when I answer a familiar question, “So, how many students in your class?” Admittedly, I had a similar recollection when I embarked on this journey nearly 2 years ago. Previously, a student at two mid-size campuses, I grew accustomed to a community-like setting and enjoyed the closeness of my peers & faculty which fostered several cherished relationships.

No doubt, U of T med is large and perhaps overwhelming at a glance. But take a closer look, and you will discover that student-life is very communal and that the lived experience as a medical student, collectively shared with 259 classmates is part of something much greater and much more meaningful.

Together, we facilitate an active online community – headlining upcoming events, academic updates and even extreme weather reports on Facebook! We assemble for compassionate cause(s) – Daffydil, a long-standing student-driven production showcases exceptional talent to help fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society. And, we create novel communities – an example of which is “Humans of 1T7”, a project inspired by the ever-popular “Humans of New York” and adapted to our class by a group of imaginative peers. Curiously, when I engaged in dialogue with my “Humans of 1T7” interviewer I realized I was sharing personal details that I had not widely expressed before. I wondered if my peers did the same? Indeed, in reading through the features I found myself connecting with others, whether though a shared experience or an interesting tidbit! On the website* it states, “…we come from all different backgrounds…we have our personal strengths, fears and favourite ice cream flavours…we are a community of peers, colleagues, and friendsand I absolutely could not agree more.

Of course, now when someone remarks, “Wow, 259…that’s a lot”, I respond, “Sure…but it’s wonderful!” I hope you will find it too.

*Take a peek at “Humans of 1T7”: https://humansof1t7.wordpress.com/

Congratulations graduates!

Today is Convocation Day. Congratulations to all of our graduates – U of T Medicine class of 1T5!

This year’s convocation marks an exciting milestone in U of T Medicine’s history as we congratulate the inaugural class of the Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) on their graduation. Hard to believe the “MAMily” has been going strong for four years already. Well done everyone!